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Exploring through the power of personal stories

South Pacific Stories is an outsider’s journey into island life. In 2018, we traveled to a world defined by the ocean. This place is the home of great navigators and artists and the site of both historic oppression and modern resurgence. We learned about life from the people who live here, where islands are so far flung they rarely appear together on one map.

We listened, followed, and asked the people we met to choose new sources and locations. The stories you find here will come from those experiences.

This project began as a scouting mission in the summer of 2018. We began in Tahiti, traveled through some of the Tuamotus, on to the Marquesas, and back to the Society Islands.

Journalist and storyteller Jennifer Kingsley, the project founder, worked with photographer Eric Guth and filmmaker Matt Mastrantuono.

Watch all four videos in this series

Two men and a woman with flower crowns smile at the camera

Meet the team

Teamwork was key to our time in the Marquesas. While I was mostly finding people to talk to, like Nicolas ...
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Coconut hunting

Teiki Pao and his horse, Légende, have a route they take through town and out to the forest. Teiki collects ...
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1-Photo Journal_Copra Aakapa_1400x735 (1 of 7)_opt

Aakapa’s community blaze

Everything in Aakapa, on the island of Nuku Hiva, is steep: the hillsides, the shore line, all the roads and ...
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Drying coconut with fire

Nicolas Haiti lives in the valley of Taipivai on the island of Nuku Hiva. We heard about him and his ...
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